Treeroots is a Kickstarter startup company launched by two innovative self-development focused creators. Both inspired by the human mind and its potential and then focusing on what tools and products can maximise the potential in each of us.

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Treeroots Notebook

Treeroots Notebook is the complete ALL-IN-ONE habit building Notebook & Planner, packed with great features for everyday use.

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Treeroots Notebook Set - Notebook, Pens and PDFs

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Do you procrastinate yet always feel like you don’t have enough time? Do you feel you are meant for more? Yes.
…. Then take action and start your new journey today.
Treeroots Habit Building Notebook & Planner Set is designed to allow you to take back control of your precise time. It is the perfect tool for you to manage your personal and professional life.
The Complete Set Includes;
Treeroots 12 Month Notebook & Planner
- 12-month dateless planner will last 1 year from date started, meaning no waste!
- Habit Building Goal, Monthly and Weekly Planners
3 x Pull-out A5 Planners
- 2 x Multi-function reverse highlighter pens
- Expandable back pocket
- Lined paper 
- Plain paper 
+ many more features make this a must-have tool.
+ Includes Complete PDFs copies of the Goal, Monthly and Weekly Planners*;
*Top Tip - Print these off at an enlarged size to create amazing Wall Planners.

Unique Habit Building Guide

12 Month Planner & Notebook

Built in Pen Holder

Built in Pen Holder

Never worry about not having a pen or losing it again with our ingenious built in pen holder. By offsetting the pages down we have allowed for our reverse highlighter pen.

Expandable Back Pocket

Expandable Back Pocket

If you are like us, then you know how important it is to be able to have a place to put loose papers and notes. You do not have to worry about things falling out with our expandable back pocket designed for ease.



If you are looking for something special and unique, with planners, lined and plain paper then look no further, Treeroots Notebook & Planners is the perfect answer for you.

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